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Inter-University (Québec)


Concordia students: Interested in taking courses at another Québec University?

Québec universities have agreed to permit students registered at one university (called the home university), to take one or more courses at another university (called the host university) if they have valid reasons for doing so. A student must obtain authorization to cross-register from his or her academic advisor, the appropriate Associate Dean or delegate of the student's Faculty, and the Registrar. Students must apply via a Web-based application at

The host university has the right to refuse to register a student from another university in any of its courses or programs. Students are expected to follow the registration procedures of the host university and are subject to the regulations of the host university, except for tuition and fee policies which are governed by the home university. Fees are paid to the home university.
Students may only register in those courses for which they receive prior authorization. Concordia will deregister Inter-University students from courses where students do not have the appropriate permission.

Credit earned at host universities counts towards Concordia residence and degree requirements. The grades achieved at other institutions for courses taken under the Inter-University Agreement will be recorded on Concordia records and transcripts using a grade conversion table available from the Registrar:

These grades will be included in the calculation of Grade Point Averages in the same manner as any grade achieved in a course taken at Concordia. (UG, 16.1.7)

Interested in taking courses as a visiting student at Concordia University?

Please be informed that you have to contact your own Department at your home university and inquire about the Inter-University Agreement also known as a CREPUQ application ( Normally you apply for a course at a different Québec University online but require permission from your home Department and your home University first.


  1. Please keep in mind that applying to take courses via CREPUQ does not guarantee that your request will be approved at all levels, nor does it guarantee that space is available in the course(s) of your choice.
  2. Please be advised to contact our department, in case you apply for a language course and have linguistic background in that language before you register. No contact is required for language placement if you have no background in that particular language.


Contact the CMLL department at 514 848.2424 ext. 2300 or email us at


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