MA Hispanic Studies


Course Requirements


Core Courses

Students are required to complete 18 credits of coursework. The following core courses are required (six credits):

SPAN 601 Discourse Analysis and Research Methods (3 credits)
SPAN 603 Introduction to the Pedagogy of Spanish (3 credits)

Elective Courses

Twelve credits of elective courses may be chosen from the following list:

SPAN 605 Independent Study (3 credits)
SPAN 621-630 Topics in Applied Linguistics and the pedagogy of Spanish (3 credits)
SPAN 631-640 Topics in Spanish Translation (3 credits)
SPAN 641-650 Topics in Critical Thinking and Theory (3 credits)
SPAN 651-660 Topics in the Subject and Identity (3 credits)
SPAN 661-670 Topics in Exile and Marginality (3 credits)

SPAN 671-680 Topics in History of Ideas in the Hispanic World (3 credits)
SPAN 681 Research Seminar (3 credits)

Note 1: Subject matter in "topics" courses varies from term to term and from year to year. Details of the courses to be given together with their respective course contents will be available at the beginning of the academic year.

Note 2: In consultation with the Graduate Program Director, students may replace up to 6 credits of reading courses, or credits at the graduate level in another discipline. Permission of the Graduate Program Director of the respective program must also be granted. Interdisciplinary courses, where relevant to the student's program, may include courses at the graduate level in the Departments of Communication Studies, Education, English, Études françaises, Philosophy, Sociology and Anthropology, and Religion. Approval of courses from these departments will be sought on a per-case basis.

Note 3: Students who wish to concentrate in Pedagogy or Translation may take six credits at the graduate level in the department relative to their concentration.

Thesis/Research Paper

Twenty-seven credits in:

SPAN 694 Thesis Proposal (3 credits)
SPAN 695 Thesis (24 credits)


SPAN 682 Research Paper I (12 credits)
SPAN 683 Research Paper II (15 credits)


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