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Language Placement Tests


Do I need to take a placement test?

  • In most cases, your placement at a particular level is automatic. See our placement guidelines to determine which course you should register for.

  • Students with background in Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, or Spanish may be required to take the appropriate language placement test before registering in a language course. Please consult the placement guidelines.

  • The department reserves the right to transfer a student to a higher level language course if it is deemed that the course for which the student has registered is not appropriate for the extent of his or her knowledge of the language.

If you are ever unsure about how to proceed, please contact the department at 514 848.2424 ext. 2300 or email

Students should be aware that the misrepresentation of one's linguistic background and abilities is considered a form of ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT and, as such, will be treated as a CODE VIOLATION by the Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics.

Accessing the Placement Tests

The Arabic (Modern Standard), Chinese (Mandarin), German, Italian, and Spanish language placement tests are located in Moodle. These tests are only open to current Concordia University students.

To access the language placement tests FOR THE FIRST TIME:

  1. LOG IN to the MyConcordia portal at using your Concordia netname and password. Your Moodle courses are listed within the My Moodle Courses section of your portal front page.

    If you have never taken a Moodle course before at Concordia, you will first need to create a profile for yourself in Moodle before you can proceed. To create a profile:

    • In the MyConcordia Menu section of the portal, click on the "Course Websites (Moodle)" link.
    • There will then be a second "Course Websites (Moodle)" link for you to click.
    • Moodle has now opened in a new browser window, and you can modify your profile. Your name, e-mail address and city are required.
    • After you have set up your profile, close the Moodle window and return to the portal.
    • When you refresh the portal window, you will now see the "All courses..." link in the My Moodle Courses section of the portal.
  2. In the My Moodle Courses section, click on the "All courses..." link.
  3. Choose the "CMLL Language Placement Tests" course in the list. The course is located under the following category: Arts & Science → Classics, Modern Languages & Linguistics → Placement Tests. Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and type "CMLL Language Placement Tests" in the search box.
  4. On the next page, you can enroll yourself in the course by clicking on the key icon that appears at the bottom left corner of the course information box. On the following page, disregard the text in red. Simply enter the enrollment key in the appropriate box and click the button to enroll. The enrollment key is ghtrg45tgtrhe5e6u
  5. Locate the appropriate placement test on the course home page.


  • You will have access to the CMLL Language Placement Tests course in Moodle for one year following your enrollment, after which time your test results will be deleted. During that one-year period, the CMLL Language Placement Tests course will appear under your list of courses in the MyConcordia portal. If you need to access the course after that time, you must enroll again.
  • Each placement test can only be taken one time.
  • To obtain your test results, please call 514 848.2424 ext. 2300 in two business days. If you live outside Montréal, you may e-mail to ask for your test results.


If you are having a problem enrolling in the course, please contact the Concordia Course Websites team at Don't forget to specify that you are enrolling in a course for which you have the enrollment key and that the name of the course is "CMLL Language Placement Tests."


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