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Program requirements and course descriptions for all programs can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar.

BA Programs

The BA programs in Spanish are designed to give students ample knowledge of the language, spoken and written, as well as a coherent overview of Spanish culture, tradition, history and literature. The flexibility within the programs allows our students to concentrate on language, translation, culture and/or literature.

Language courses are intended to develop all the basic language skills: speaking, understanding, reading and writing. All courses above the introductory level are offered exclusively in Spanish. In the language and translation courses students are provided with a sound linguistic basis that will prove advantageous in career areas such as business, government, the travel industry or international organizations.

Literature courses cover all the major areas of Hispanic literatures and give students an overview of the major literary periods. Through the study of literature students acquire the ability to undertake a critical approach to the analysis of literary texts, as well as of secondary materials and research literature. These skills enhance students' ability to read, understand, enjoy and appraise literary and other texts. Most 400-level courses are offered every 2 or 3 years in rotation.

There are two options to the 42-credit BA Major in Spanish:

  • Option A – Literature and Society, which explores the way in which the literary discourses of Spain and Spanish America both reflect and shape society in a historical context
  • Option B – Expression and Culture, which explores and puts into practice the techniques and structures of different modes of expression in Hispanic cultures.

For those students who are interested and who qualify, Option A can lead to the 60-credit Honours in Spanish (Literature and Society) program, and Option B can lead to the 60-credit to Specialization in Spanish (Expression and Culture) program. The Honours program is suited for students who intend to continue studies at the graduate level.


The department also offers a 30-credit Minor in Spanish and a 33-credit Minor in Spanish Translation. Minor programs give students majoring in another discipline a valid and adequate background in language studies.

NOTE: Students admitted to any specialization in teacher education may enroll in the minor in Spanish and have their capacity to teach Spanish as third language recognized by a school board or private school.


Faculty Research Interests

Antonio San Martín Pizarro, Lecturer Terminology; specialized translation; cognitive semantics; lexicography.

Bradley Nelson, Professor — Spanish Golden Age theatre and prose; colonial discourse; semiotics; psychoanalytic and Marxist theory.

Catherine Vallejo, Professor — Nineteenth-century Spanish-American literature, especially women's issues; Spanish-American short story; Caribbean women's presence at world exhibitions.

Goretti Ramírez, Associate Professor — Poetry and intellectual history of twentieth-century Spain; Republican exile; María Zambrano.

José Antonio Giménez Micó, Professor — Latin-American cultural and literary studies; comparative literature; interpretation theory; argumentation theory; discourse analysis.

Lady Rojas Benavente, Professor — Women's studies; poetry; drama; narrative; Latin- American literature and contemporary education.

Luis Ochoa, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator — Teaching Spanish as a foreign language; language acquisition.

Miriam Díaz, Assistant Professor — The acquisition of the sound systems of second (L2) and third (L3) languages; the interrelation between L2 speech perception and production; development of L1, L2 and L3 phonetic categorization; cross-linguistic speech perception and production; multilingualism and phonetics in general.

Rita Palacios, Assistant Professor Contemporary Maya literature; cultural and gender studies; Indigenous literature from Latin America; postcolonial and decolonial studies.

Roberto Viereck Salinas, Associate Professor — Colonial discourse: writing, orality and translation; Contemporary Indigenous Latin-American Poetry; Translation as an Aesthetic in Latin-American Literature.



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