Joée Côté, Department Administrator

Administrative issues

For budget matters, faculty and teaching assistant hiring, part-time teaching inquiries.

514 848.2424 ext. 2303


Kinga Wielich, Secretary/Receptionist

General Information and Teaching resources

For course outlines, program pamphlets, academic and seminar room bookings, classroom change requests.

514 848.2424 ext. 2310


Sandra Woywod-Pagé, Program Assistant

Student-related administration

For textbook orders, exams, grade submission and grade breakdowns submissions, late completion, students with disabilities, tutorials, code of conduct, and post-exam issues, e.g. deferred, alternate, medical replacement.

514 848.2424 ext.2300


Parissa Zohari, Coordinator Academic Programs

Undergraduate student advising

For student advising, exchange, program issues, enrolment management.

514 848.2424 ext. 5716 (to make an appointment contact Sandra Woywod-Pagé at extension 2300)








Concordia University