"The constant flow of ideas, the deep commitment of both students and professors to learning and research, and the friendly atmosphere were some of the many positive aspects I found at the CMLL Department."

Enrique González
BA Honours Spanish, 2003

Are you intrigued by the ancient world? Captivated by different languages? Intrigued by what language can tell us about the human mind? The Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics (CMLL) offers a unique opportunity to study one or more of seven disciplines.

Please note that the Department does not offer translation services or the certification of translated documents.


MA in Hispanic Studies

Unique in Canada, the MA in Hispanic Studies program offers an integrated second cycle education that interweaves translation, language pedagogy, and literary and cultural studies.

Undergraduate Programs

An assortment of BA programs, minors, and/or certificates are available among these areas:


  • Classical Languages and Literature
  • Classical Civilization
  • Classical Archaeology (minor)

Modern Languages

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Modern Arabic
  • Modern Chinese


  • Honours program or major



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